Madix shelving

Madix shelving manufacturer, Madix gondola shelving wholesale on best price.

Shelving compatible with many american shelving systems. include a wide range of accessory items.

The madix shelving are available in multiple sizes and colors options. Easy to assemble, shelving has snap-together parts and built-in levelers. shelves include integral tag moldings, round perforations for accessories, and slim, multi-position brackets.

Three position upper shelves 0º, 15º downslope, and 30º downslope
Shelves include 1-1/4" integrated ticket molding
Standard built-in levelers on uprights and shoes
1" on center single slotted uprights
Straight-in base shoe design for quick installation and resets.

Color and size can be customized.

madix shelving

madix shelving parts

madix gondola shelving

madix shelving

madix shelving

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