Tegometall shelving


Tegometall, Tego metal gondola shelving manufacturer, Tego shelving wholesale on best price, include all components, upright, base leg, shelf, back panel, brackets, cover, plinth, price tag, cap, etc.

Include 2 Models: Regular Model and High Heavy duty integrated shelving.

Tego Shelving Regular: Double side gondola, Single side gondola,

Length 1330mm, 1250mm, 1000m, 800mm, 665mm, 500mm; shelf depth 570mm, 470mm, 370mm, 300mm, 250mm,

height from 1200mm to 3600mm.

upright: 30*80, 30*60, 30*90mm

Size, color specifications can be customized.

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Heavy duty integrated shelving

tegometall shelving