gondola shelf

We provide steel retail shop shelving and supermarket gondola shelf units, with a wide variety of shapes, sizes, color and styles to choose from. We design these shelves with flexibility, maximum product visibility and versatility.
supermarket shelf

Storage rack

Warehouse racking is a major part of the storage systems, composed of upright frame, beam, laminate. There are a variety of types of light, medium and heavy duty shelves, laminate shelves, pallet racking.
Warehouse Racking

shopping trolley

shopping trolley&cart is made of metal or a combination of metal and plastic and have been designed to nest within each other in a line to facilitate collecting and moving many at one time and also to save on storage space.
shopping trolley

wire shelving

Wire mesh shelving can be utilized in the commercial and industrial sectors, as well as in the home. Wire shelving can be adjusted to make the spaces between them larger or smallermesh