longspan shelving, middle duty rack

SDW02, longspan shelving,  middle duty storage rack

Upright is butterfly hole style, this type is easy for assembly and disassembly by its special structure (no screw or bolt is used). Sometimes in order to save transportation costs, upright frame can also be made disassembly.
surface treatment of powder coating, With a loading range between 300kg and 800kg. Steel panel, plywood and medium density panel is used for different requirements
Tailored service can be available according to customers’ requirements.

Consist of colume, beam, horizontal brace, diagonal brace and shelving and other accessory;

size: L1800-2500mm, W600-1000mm, H2000-3000mm,

Upright: 80*40*1.0-1.5mm,

Beam: 60*40, 80*50mm

shelf: 0.5-0.8mm.

Loading: 300Kg-1000Kg per layer.

middle-duty storage rack

middle duty rack

middle duty rack